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Professional Resource Guide for Marketers

Marketing is a massive profession that has exploded in many new and innovative ways with the growth of the internet and the digital revolution. It is an incredibly broad field, with traditional firms pursuing time honored techniques, and successful upstarts coming along and shaking everything up with innovative strategies. These are certainly exciting times to be involved in marketing, but keeping up with everything can be trying as the industry now changes from week to week and sometimes from day to day. Companies on the cutting edge will be very successful while those that lag behind will slowly fall by the wayside. This resource guide is a collection of some of the best resources for staying on top of your game and ahead of the curve, from cutting edge blogs and conferences, to major associations of marketing professionals, and all sorts of journals and magazines devoted to keeping their readers, members and attendees ahead of the curve.


American Marketing Association: Established in 1937, the American Marketing Association was formed by academics and visionaries determined to pioneer an association devoted to the advancement of marketing strategies and networking.

Direct Marketing Association: The Direct Marketing Association was founded in 1917 to support companies that utilize data driven marketing strategies. DMA provides marketing professionals with top of the line professional development resources including various training programs and seminars.

Association for Consumer Research: The Association for Consumer Research was founded by a small group of consumer researchers interested in the study of consumer behavior. This association brings together marketers with psychologists, sociologists and other scientists with the goal of advancing the understanding of human consumer behavior.

Internet Marketing Association: The Internet Marketing Association is a professional organization founded in 2001 to support individuals and companies in the field of internet marketing. The IMA has a plethora of corporate partners and the association focuses on the sharing of information and techniques of both corporations and individuals for the advancement of the field.

Academy of Marketing Science: The Academy of Marketing Science is an international scholarly and professional organization devoted to giving its members access to some of the most prominent marketing scholars in the world. The AMS is devoted to the advancement of the marketing field through high standards of excellence in the creation and dissemination of marketing knowledge.

Business Marketing Association: The Business Marketing Association was founded in 1922 with its primary focus being business to business marketing. The BMA has become one of the best business to business marketing associations in the world through a mixture of maintaining the best resources on the topic, attracting the best practitioners in the field, and promoting the best practices in the industry.

Promotion Marketing Association: The Promotion Marketing Association is a national, non-profit trade association devoted to advancing the disciplines that motivate behavior, activate response and build brands. PMA has becoming one of the leaders in promotion marketing through its devotion to the education of its members as well as advocacy, and providing them collaboration opportunities.

Word of Mouth Marketing Association: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is devoted wholly to advancing the field of word of mouth marketing through traditional means as well as cutting edge social networking techniques.

eMarketing Association: The eMarketing Association is the largest international association devoted to the field of emarketing. The association provides its members resources, research access, certifications, professional development education and more. The eMA is definitely one of the most prominent associations of its kind, boasting a long list of corporate members including Microsoft and Coca-Cola.


Marketing Management: Marketing Management seeks to fulfill the need for a publication focused on top tier strategic thinking designed to serve the needs of a broad range of executives.

Marketing Research: Marketing Research is a quarterly journal designed to address the issues faced by many Marketing Researchers by publishing articles having to do with management trends and the various applications of marketing research. The journal is tailored specifically for managers of marketing research projects.

Journal of Marketing: The Journal of Marketing was established in 1936 and has been the leader in its field ever since. This broad based scholarly journal focuses primarily on substantial issues and subjects relevant to marketing professionals and managers.

Journal of Market Research: The Journal of Market Research is a bi-monthly, peer reviewed journal that addresses the relevant issues in marketing research including the philosophy, concepts, theories, methods, techniques, applications, and more.

Journal of International Marketing: The goal of the Journal of International Marketing is the bridge the gap between the theory and practice of international marketing for its primarily managerial readership.

Ad Age: Ad Age is a magazine that delivers marketing and advertising news and analysis in both a weekly print edition as well as publishing daily articles on their website.

Ad Week: Ad Week is a marketing magazine with an emphasis on featuring excellent advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

Direct Marketing IQ: Direct Marketing IQ. is the research arm of the Target Marketing Group. The print magazine was published for over thirty years but in 2009 the company made the decision to go digital and has been providing readers of its online magazine with insights into the marketing world ever since.

Deliver Magazine: A mail marketing strategies web magazine from the people that know mail best, the U.S. Postal Service.

Journal of Marketing Communications: The Journal of Marketing Communications is a double blind peer reviewed journal devoted to publishing the highest quality research and information concerning all aspects of marketing and corporate communication.

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice: The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice publishes peer reviewed articles addressing the major issues faced by marketing managers.

Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing: The Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing is a peer reviewed journal focused on helping readers adapt the marketing strategies of traditional businesses to the unique needs of non-profit and public institutions.

Journal of Political Marketing: The Journal of Political Marketing addresses the unique needs of and issues facing political candidates and those responsible for getting them elected.

Journal of Product and Brand Management: The Journal of Product and Brand Management is a scholarly journal written for academics and practitioners alike the primary objective of which is to publish articles that will enrich the practice of brand and product management.

Journal of Services Marketing: The Journal of Services Marketing seeks enhance the industry of services marketing through the publication of relevant articles that will make significant contributions to the advancement of the field.

Marketing Theory: Marketing Theory is a peer reviewed specialized academic journal targeted specifically at marketing scholars with the goal of developing alternative critical perspectives in the field.

Marketing Science: Marketing Science is an INFORMS publication devoted to the dissemination of the highest quality research and papers contributed by some of the most influential leaders in the field.

Journal of Consumer Marketing: The Journal of Consumer Marketing is written by practitioners and academics in the field of marketing to provide greater insight into the global behavior of people as consumers.

Journal of Consumer Psychology: This journal, while not specifically for marketing professionals, is an invaluable resource for insight into the psychology of consumers and the thoughts, feelings and reactions that drive their behavior.


Search Engine Strategies Conference: The Search Engine Strategies Conference is the premier conference series on techniques and strategies employed by companies to optimize their use of search engine technology to promote their companies and products.

Direct Marketing Association: The Direct Marketing Association offers over 20 conferences every year covering a broad range of topics featuring everything from business to business strategies, to database and internet marketing.

American Bankers Association Marketing Conference: The American Bankers Association Marketing Conference is designed to provide professional development and advancement in the field of bank marketing.

Digital Marketing World: Digital Marketing World is a free digital conference put together by Marketing Profs. The series features presentations from top marketing professionals, live Q&A, networking opportunities and guidance on the use of cutting edge tools.

Marketing Profs: This is an inexpensive online business to business marketing conference run by Marketing Profs with an affordable price tag and high quality presentations a resource library and on demand access.

Marketing Management Association Spring Conference: The Marketing Management Association Spring Conference attracts some of the most innovative marketing professionals and scholars, making it a great place to pick up new techniques and stay apprised of developments in the field..

Content Marketing World: Content Marketing World is the conference of the Content Marketing Institute, an organization devoted to the advancement of the content marketing field. The conference attracts over 1,000 content marketing professionals every year and is great not just for the content of the conference, but for networking as well.

INBOUND Conference: The INBOUND Conference is designed to provide extensive professional development opportunities for inbound marketers, agency owners, business owners and anybody looking to advance their knowledge of this particular type of marketing.

Pubcon: Pubcon is one of the top social media and search engine marketing conferences in the world. Focused primarily on innovation and advancements in the field, Pubcon keeps attendees on the cutting edge of social media and search engine marketing technology and techniques.

Mirren Live: Mirren Live is a conference targeted specifically toward new businesses with the goal of helping them improve upon their marketing strategies, as well as helping new marketing businesses break into the field successfully.

International Business Marketing Association Conference: The International Business Marketing Association Conference, with its emphasis on growth, both company growth and professional growth, is one of the largest, most important business to business marketing conferences in the world.

FutureM: The MITX conference FutureM brings together the best and brightest innovators in both technology and marketing with the goal of making the future happen.


Chris Brogan’s Blog: Chris Brogan, CEO/President of Human Business Works wants to share his knowledge and best ideas with the world and he does so on this blog.

Top Rank Blog: Top Rank Blog is a marketing blog featuring articles and commentary on the marketing industry from many varied perspectives and respected authors.

Social Media Explorer: Social Media Explorer is both a strategic services company and an information products company focused on social media and digital marketing. The blog covers a wide range of topics about the marketing industry and its future.

Danny Brown: Danny Brown is a Vice President at Jugnoo, Inc. and his blog is all about social media marketing and strategy.

Brian Solis’ Blog: Prominent writer and keynote speaker Brian Solis’ blog is about the changes to business, marketing and, well, everything, brought about by the dawn of the digital age. From hiring millennials to selling to them, and everything in between, this site is chock full of valuable insight.

Spin Sucks: Spin Sucks is a professional development blog for public relations and marketing professionals that specifically crusades against destructive spin and changing public perception and the role of the marketing and PR industries.

Geoff Livingston’s Blog: Geoff Livingston is a public speaker and marketing professional that specializes in designing quality marketing programs for companies and non-profits. His blog covers a wide range of marketing topics and he has worked with major organizations such as United Way of America and Google.

PR-Squared: Todd Defren is an internationally recognized Social Media and Public Relations innovator, thinker, and lecturer. His blog is about tearing apart information and trends and getting to the meat of what truly makes different strategies successful.

PR in Your Pajamas: PR in Your Pajamas is playful look at the PR industry, how has changed and is changing with the onset of the digital age run by an entrepreneur with two decades of brand building experience.